Appellate Resources

This section contains links to appellate guidance, procedural rules and directions, as well as to appellate courts in the UK, Europe and the Caribbean.

Please always check to ensure that you are viewing the latest edition of guidance and rules.

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The Court of Appeal Criminal Division Guide to Commencing Proceedings (Criminal Appeal Office, 2021),

The “blue guide” to commencing proceedings in the Court of Appeal, Criminal Division is an essential resource for judges and lawyers. It brings together relevant legislation, Criminal Practice Directions and Criminal Procedure Rules with an easy to read narrative.

Administrative Court Judicial Review Guide, 6th edn (HM Courts & Tribunals Service, 2021),

From the foreword: “… a valuable resource for all who are involved in proceedings before the Administrative Court. It covers all the stages of a claim for judicial review. Good practice is identified and pitfalls foreshadowed.”

The Queen’s Bench Guide, 7th edn (Courts and Tribunals Judiciary, 2022),

A guide to the working practices of the Queen’s Bench Division within the Royal Courts of Justice

A Review of the Year in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) 2020 – 2021

The Court of Appeal (Criminal Division): annual report for 2020-21.

Crown Court Compendium: Part I & Part II

The main aim of this Compendium is to provide guidance on directing the jury in Crown Court trials and when sentencing, though it contains some practical suggestions in other areas, for example jury management, which it is hoped will be helpful.

The Compendium consists of two separate parts. Part I deals with jury and trial management and summing up. Part II deals with sentencing in the Crown Court.

CPS Prosecution guidance

This provides guidance to prosecutors and paralegal staff in relation to many criminal offences and procedural issues. This guidance is used to make decisions in criminal cases, in conjunction with the Code for Crown Prosecutors.

The Sentencing Council

Sentencing guidelines for Magistrates and Crown Courts

Appeal against a magistrates’ court decision 


Judicial Review

Practical Guide on Admissibility Criteria, (Registry of the European Court of Human Rights) 

The Practical Guide on Admissibility Criteria describes the conditions of admissibility which an application to the Court must meet.


Prison finder

Find information on prisons and young offender institutions in England and Wales, including how to arrange visits and how to stay in touch with prisoners.