LGBT With Jesus’s Blessing? Coming To A Church Near You?

The Lost Years

The Huckle QC and Christopher Johnson report on an interesting recent living mesothelioma claim.  

Minimal Effect

When is an injury not an injury

21.11.16 | |

A tale of two orders

14.04.16 | |

That’s Entertainment? The Anonymity of Arrestees and the Law

02.12.15 | |

Should we know when someone is arrested even if they have yet to be charged? Does it make any difference if that person is a public figure, or that they have been arrested for a sexual offence? High profile arrests under Operation Yewtree of Paul Gambaccini, Jim Davidson, Jimmy Tarbuck and Freddie Starr were widely reported in the press. None of the men were charged.


What is the relationship between the law, the media, the police and the public?  The Law Commission, Leveson Report and Home Affairs Select Committee have all addressed the issue, but the position remains fluid. This article summarises the principle arguments, explaining the law and analysing the recent proposal and recommendations for reform.


To view this article please see here

Is it Now Time to Abolish the Dock in all Criminal Proceedings in England and Wales?

02.11.15 | |

On 3rd April Joe Stone QC produced an article for the Archbold Review

Sound Advice

17.09.15 | |

Chris Fry and Theo Huckle QC explain the problems associated with low level NIHL.


To view the full article please see here.

Should the UK repeal the Human Rights Act 1998?

On 12th August Martin Westgate QC conducted an interview with LexisPSL online about how would the government's plan to repeal of the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA 1998) affect the UK?.


To view the full interview please see here.

The Mandatory Death Penalty and Narratives of the Common Law

29.07.15 | |

Joe Middleton writes on the Mandatory Death Penalty for the Oxford Human Rights Hub. 

Embassy workers have employment rights, even when contracts negotiated outside the UK

Henrietta Hill writes for the Discrimination Law Association's Briefings on Embassy workers employment rights.


To view this article please see here:

Councils’ failure to make court applications leaving ‘widespread unlawful deprivations of liberty’

17.06.15 | |

The Human Rights Act is the successor to Magna Carta – so why are we putting it at risk?

The Care Act seminars - March 2015

On the 9th and 16th March 2015 Doughty Street held a two part series of seminars on The Care Act.


To view the papers for The Care Act Part One on 9th March please see the links below:


Jamie Burton - View his paper here.

Louise Price - View her paper here.

Sam Jacobs - View his paper here.


To view the papers for The Care Act Part Two on 16th March please see the links below:


Aswini Weereratne QC - View her paper here.

Ulele Burnham - View her paper here.

Jamie Burton - View his paper here.

Louise Price - View her paper here.

Sam Jacobs - View his paper here.


Intelligent Life (Economist) - Capital punishment is slowly dying out, one country at a time—largely thanks to two British lawyers. How do they do it?


To view the full article please see here.

Supreme Court clarifies duty of care in negligence by police

The Supreme Court's reiteration of the rule that the police owe no duty of care in negligence to protect victims from potential harm by third parties is examined by Nicholas Bowen QC.


To view the full article please see here.


Article by Francis Fitzgibbon QC in the London Review of Books

Francis Fitzgibbon QC writes about the show trial of the Holy Land Foundation.


To view this article please see here:

Can legal aid fund immigration cases?

What effect will the Court of Appeal's decision in G and others have on the issues surrounding the availability of legal aid in immigration cases? Catherine Meredith, discusses the issues raised by the case.


Please see here for the full article.

DNA and case preparation

13.01.15 | |

The Law Society Gazette has published an article by David Bentley QC for criminal solicitors, outlining the significant changes there have been in DNA technology and analysis.  David’s article provides practical tips on how to manage expert DNA reports in criminal proceedings.  The article can be found by clicking here.  

Human rights and the interception of communications

12.01.15 | |

In December 2014, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) ruled that the current interception systems used by UK security services do not breach human rights. Jonathan Price, a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers, takes a look at the background to the case and considers the long-term ramifications. 


Please see here for full interview.

Binning the smoke alarm: Why repealing the Human Rights Act would be the biggest mistake of a generation

03.10.14 | |

Following plans announced at the Conservative Party’s recent conference to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, Harriet Johnson reminds us why we signed it in the first place, and underlines why it remains such an important safeguard over half a century later.


To view this article please see here

Will Syria go to the ICC

03.04.14 | |

Publisher: The Lawyer, December 2012

To veiw this publication please see here and here

Behind Bars: A safe haven

30.07.13 | |

Child offenders should be given anonymity to ensure they can be rehabilitated and move on in later life, says Jeannie Mackie.


Read full article here.

Will the recast Cosmetics Regulation provide greater protection for consumers in relation to cosmetics and personal care products?

24.07.13 |

Eloise Power writes about EC Cosmetics Regulation (Regulation EC No 1223/2009) and Commission Regulation (Regulation EU No 655/2013) now in force. To view this article please see here.

Francis Fitzgibbon QC in the London Review of Books

Francis Fitzgibbon QC writes about what happens when the government cuts legal aid and restricts the use of judicial review - the state gains immunity from legal challenges and the rule of law suffers.

To view this article please see here

Behind Bars: The not so distant future

04.06.13 | |

Jeannie Mackie pays a visit to the privatised courts of the government’s imagination.


Read full article here.

Behind Bars: Give prisoners more, not less

07.05.13 | |

Jeannie Mackie writes on stripping prisoners of recreational privileges, Rehabilitation, Impetus and motivation.


Read full article here.


Behind Bars: An Easter farce

09.04.13 | |

Jeannie Mackie writes about her concerns for the best value contracts.


Read full article here.

Degrees of Separation

26.03.13 | |

David Rhodes reports on a recent case where a judge's ininvited indication of the likely sentence amounted to pressure on a defendant.

Read full article here.

Behind Bars: Common sense and a sharp eye

12.03.13 | |

Stories about dopey juries are irresistable to the mainstream press but Jeannie Mackie gives a little airtime to the juries that put the pros to shame.


Read full article here.

Behind Bars: Turning over a new leaf

15.01.13 | |

Jeannie Mackie suggests some New Year’s resolutions for the Ministry of Justice.


Read full article here

Behind Bars: Going to the next level

06.11.12 | |

Jeannie Mackie discusses the struggle facing courts in tackling andclassing child pornography, and how best to prosecute offenders



Read full article here.

Behind Bars: New bill will help remove the mental health stigma

09.10.12 | |

A private member’s bill looking at lifting the ban on serving in parliament on mental health grounds could help everybody think differently, says Jeannie Mackie



Read full article here

When Protection Matters

09.04.11 | |

Publisher: New Law Journal - April 2011

Time for a substitution? Ombudsmen: a substitute for litigation?

28.01.11 | |

Omubudsmen provide a non-litigous avenue for individuals to scrutinise the decisions of public bodies.

Read full article here.

Time for a substitution?

09.01.11 | |

Publisher: New Law Journal - January 2011

Obudsmen: a substitute for litigation?

Housing and Discrimination: An Introduction to the Equality Act 2010

09.10.10 | |

Tracey Bloom and Jim Shepherd give an indepth look at the the premises provisions in the Equality Act 2010 which largely came into force on 1st October 2010.

A New Gateway?

Publisher: New Law Journal, July 2010

Jamie Burton & Alex Gask consider how the gateway defence could make life easier for non-secure tenants

Due Process and Fair Trial Rights at the Special Court: How the Desire for Accountability Outweighed the Demands of Justice at the Special Court for Sierra Leone

09.07.10 | |

Publisher: Leiden Journal of International Law, July 2010

Wayne Jordash and Scott Martin assess the fulfilment of the mandate of the Special Court for Sierra Leone through an examination of the fairness of the RUF trial

The Massacre of Political Prisoners in Iran 1988

Publisher: Abdorraham Boroumand Foundation - June 2010

Geoffrey Robertson QC reports.

Closing the Net

09.05.10 | |

Publisher: New Law Journal, May 2010


Paul Harris SC says it's time to clamp down on internet defamation

Trials in Absentia at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon: Incompatibility with International Human Rights Law

09.05.10 | |

Publisher:  Journal of International Criminal Justice, May 2010

Failure to Carry the Burden of Proof: How Joint Criminal Enterprise Lost its Way at the Special Court for Sierra Leone

09.05.10 | |

Publisher: Journal of International Criminal Justice, May 2010

Lessons learned

Publisher:  New Law Journal, April 2010


Henrietta Hill reports on how will the judgment in G affect employees outside the schoolroom?

Media inquiry ducked key reforms

Publisher: The Guardian, February 2010

Geoffrey Robertson QC comments on the recent Culture, Media and Sport Committee report on the inquiry into press standards, privacy and libel

Public Rights & Wrongs

09.10.09 | |

Publisher: New Law Journal, October 2009

Was There An Armenian Genocide?

An opinion authored by Geoffrey Robertson QC was published in October 2009


To view this opinion please see here:

There’s No Place Like Home

09.09.09 | |

Publisher: New Law Journal, July 2009

Tracey Bloom and Kate Markus report on the complexities of eviction action & the obligation to house minors

Blurred Boundaries

Publisher: New Law Journal, September 2009

Is Public Law still public? asks Krishnendu Mukherjee

Freezing assets of ‘terrorists’ - how fair is the UN sanctions committee?

Publisher: Law Society Gazette, September 2009

John RWD Jones and Dr Miša Zgonec-Rožej discuss the UN's counter-terrorism sanctions regime

Restraint Orders

09.07.09 | |

Publisher: Archbold, July 2009

David Hislop discusses restraint orders and the rights of those defrauded

Banks, SARS & The Customer

09.07.09 | |

Publisher: New Law Journal, July 2009

Banks & customers are potential victims in an unhappy balance, says David Hislop

Photo Opportunity

09.06.09 | |

Publisher: Solicitors Journal, June 2009

Paul Harris asks whether, if the police are allowed to take and retain photographs of lawful demonstrators, those involved are not being treated as criminals

The Exclusion Net

29.05.09 | |

Publisher: New Law Journal, May 2009

Joe Middleton on recent exclusions under the Refugee Convention

Counting The Cost

09.05.09 | |

Publisher: New Law Journal, May 2009

Alison Pickup hopes the decision in R (Scott) v LB Hackney indicates a promising future for JR costs

The Constitutional Role of the Privy Council and the Prerogative

A Justice Report by Patrick O'Connor

Human Rights Update

Publisher: New Law Journal, April 2009

Paul Harris & Alasdair Mackenzie discuss fresh claims & foreign cases

Safeguarding the Rule of Law in an Enlarged EU: The Cases of Bulgaria and Romania

09.04.09 | |

Publisher: CEPS Bookstore, April 2009

Susie Alegre, Ivanka Ivanova and Dana Denis-Smith assess the needs and options for monitoring and reinforcing the rule of law in an enlarged EU

Frequently Asked Questions on International Law Aspects of Countering Terrorism

09.04.09 | |

Publisher: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2009

Susie Alegre provides a brief overview of the broader international law framework in which counter-terrorism works

Joint Criminal Enterprise at the Special Court for Sierra Leone

09.04.09 | |

Publisher: International Criminal Law Bureau, November 2009

The Practice of ‘Witness Proofing’ in International Criminal Tribunals: Why the International Criminal Court Should Prohibit the Practice

09.04.09 | |

Publisher: Leiden Journal of International Law, 2009


Money Laundering & Criminal Property under POCA 2002 - Time to clean up the law?

Publisher: Archbold News (published by Sweet & Maxwell), Issue 2, March 2009

David Bentley and Richard Fisher consider the current state of the law relating to money laundering under POCA .

An Impartial Review?

09.01.09 | |

Publisher: New Law Journal, January 2009


Jamie Burton outlines the route of appeal for dissatisfied council tenants

Promoting Equality

09.01.09 | |

Publisher: New Law Journal, January 2009

Ulele Burnham examines how courts interpret positive equality obligations in public law

Looked after children

Publisher: New Law Journal, October 2008

Azeem Suterwalla and Caoilfhionn Gallagher consider confusion in the law on "looked after" children

The Chamber of Secrets

09.10.08 | |

Publisher: Young Lawyer, October 2008

Alison Pickup unlocks the door on finding her feet and life as a pupil

The EU’s External Cooperation in Criminal Justice and Counter-terrorism: An Assessment of the Human Rights Implications with a particular focus on Cooperation with Canada

09.09.08 | |

Publisher: CEPS Bookstore, September 2008

Susie Alegre examines the increasing importance of EU external cooperation in the field of criminal justice and counter-terrorism and its impact on the interplay between justice and home affairs and common foreign and security policy.

Allocating social housing: the policy context

09.06.08 | |

Publisher: Legal Action, June 2008

Robert Latham discusses the allocation of social rented housing in the context of the statutory frameworks of Housing Act (HA) 1996 Parts 6 and 7.

An illegal hanging

08.01.07 | |

Publisher: New Statesman, 8th January 2007

Sadakat Kadri argues that besides being barbaric, the execution of Saddam Hussein may well be

Blair faces a tricky legal position

27.12.06 | |

Publisher: Times Online, 16th May 2006

Sadakat Kadri discusses the legal dilemma facing the Government over the question of foreign prisoners

30 Days - Saddam Hussein has few options left in preventing his own execution

27.12.06 | |

Publisher: Newsweek, 27 December 2006

Sadakat Kadri interviewed by Newsweek journalist Emily Flynn Vencat on the ramifications of the rejection of Saddam Hussein's appeal against his death sentence.

The wrong way to combat terrorism

03.05.06 | |

Publisher: Open Democracy, 3 May 2006

They’d do better sticking Saddam’s head on a pole

04.04.06 | |

Publisher: The Guardian, 4 April 2006

Unaccompanied asylum seekers: making a lawful age assessment

09.02.05 | |

Publisher: Legal Action, February 2005

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