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A skilful and tenacious advocate who specialises in criminal and regulatory law.

Christopher has secured successful outcomes for clients facing the most serious criminal allegations, including kidnap and terrorism. He approaches each case with the same dedication and care for the client. Instructing solicitors state that he offers “a service far above and beyond the terms of his brief, providing invaluable insight and comment at every stage”.

Christopher presents and defends in regulatory matters. He is regularly instructed by the General Dental Council and General Optical Council to present the case in substantive and interim matters. He has defended registrants facing proceedings in the HCPC and sporting tribunals. Regulatory solicitors describe him as “using his authoritative criminal knowledge to provide advice that is crucial to the progression of regulatory cases”.

Christopher has a successful appellate practice. His advocacy in the Court of Appeal has developed the rights of those accused of contempt (Andreewitch v Moutreuil [2020] EWCA Civ 382). He has worked with senior members of Chambers to represent individuals on appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. Christopher makes his case “with considerable skill and tenacity, both orally and in writing” (Hilliard J, R v Deans [2020] EWCA Crim 975).

Criminal Cases
  • R v XX [2020]: XX was a 16 year-old charged with s.18 assault and witness intimidation. Pre-trial submissions by Christopher concerning the adequacy of the investigation led to the CPS dropping all charges before trial.

  • R v GJ [2019]: Appeared as junior counsel for a defendant accused of membership in a banned Neo-Nazi organisation. The jury was unable to reach a verdict and was discharged.

  • R v XX [2019]: XX was a disabled person facing prosecution for criminal contempt. Legal submissions by Christopher persuaded the Crown Court to stay proceedings due to the unfairness of the investigation.

  • A v R Solicitors [2019]: Assisted David Bentley QC to advise and represent a firm of solicitors facing private prosecution for fraud. The defence successfully applied to dismiss all charges.

  • R v CB [2019]: CB had been accused of being part of a four-handed kidnap and blackmail offence. The jury acquitted CB of kidnap.

  • R v FB [2018]: Represented a Romanian national accused of smuggling over £100,000 of cigarettes into the UK.

  • R v NC [2018]: NC was accused of assaulting his girlfriend with intent to cause GBH. The jury acquitted NC of the more serious offence of causing GBH with intent.

  • R v TM [2018]: TM was sentenced for distributing sexual images of a child to her family as part of a coercive and controlling relationship. Mitigation by Christopher persuaded the court to suspend the custodial sentence.

Regulatory Cases
  • GDC v DM [2020]: Instructed to present the case against a Registrant charged with irregularly operating his practice.

  • GDC v GA [2020]: Instructed to present the case against a Registrant charged with inadequate clinical care.

  • GDC v SA [2020]: Instructed to present the case against a Registrant charged with conducting treatment without informed consent.

  • GDC v SL [2020]: Presented the case against a Registrant charged with practising without insurance.

  • HM v BR [2019]: Represented a coach appealing the sanction passed on him by British Rowing following an allegedly inappropriate relationship with an athlete.

  • GOC v SA [2018]: Advised the General Optical Council on the interaction of criminal and regulatory law in proceedings against a Registrant accused of dishonesty.

  • NMC v RJ [2017]: Presented the case against a Registrant charged with substandard clinical practice.

  • NMC v WK [2017]: Presented the case against a Registrant charged with practising without registration.

  • Andreewitch v Moutreuil: Christopher successfully argued before the Court of Appeal that a finding of civil contempt was unjust since the lower court had disregarded the right to silence. This case established new procedural protections for those accused of contempt.

  • R v XX [2020]: XX was a police informant who alleged police corruption after being convicted as part of a major smuggling conspiracy. Christopher worked alongside a senior member of chambers to represent XX on appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

  • R v KR [2019]: K appealed his extradition from the Republic of Ireland to the UK to serve the remainder of his sentence for murder. Christopher drafted two affidavits of laws to the High Court of Ireland on the subject of life imprisonment and indeterminate sentences.

  • R v ST [2018]: Christopher successfully appealed the conviction of a vulnerable woman for assaulting police constables during an intimate search. The appeal succeeded on the basis that the officers had breached PACE.