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Professor Jill Peay is in the Department of Law at the London School of Economics. She is also a member of the Mannheim Centre for the Study of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Professor Peay's research interests include mental health law, decision-making and treatment of mentally disordered offenders. Recent publications include Seminal Issues in Mental Health Law (2005 Ashgate); 'Decision-Making in Mental Health Law: Can Past Experience Predict Future Practice?' Journal of Mental Health Law (May 2005); Decisions and Dilemmas: Working with Mental Health Law (2003, Hart Publishing); 'Mentally Disordered Offenders, Mental Health and Crime' in M. Maguire, R. Morgan and R. Reiner (eds) Oxford Handbook of Criminology3rd Ed (2002, OUP).

For six years she was a member of the Advisory Board of Directors of the International Academy of Law and Mental Health and was the Simon Fraser Representative on the then UN funded International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy. From 1998-2000 she acted as Secretary to newly formed British Association of Mental Health and Law. In 1998-9 she was a member of the Richardson Committee, established by the Department of Health to advise the Government about the necessary scope of reform to mental health legislation. She is currently a member of the Editorial Boards for Oxford's Clarendon Studies in Criminology and the Journal of Mental Health Law.

She has conducted funded research, amongst others, for the Department of Health into the knowledge, attitudes and decision processes of mental health practitioners. She is currently a member of the Development Group of LOMHR&D (the London Mental Health Research and Development Virtual Institute) and a member of MOD(N)PREC, the personnel research ethics committee of the Navy. She has acted in a training capacity for MDAC, the Mental Disability Advocacy Centre based in Budapest, in respect of mental health and human rights issues; and is currently a member of their International Advisory Board for multi-country based research project on Guardianship.