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Susie Alegre is an international human rights barrister and consultant with extensive experience working in international development and human rights policy and practice.  She takes a strategic approach to law and policy development with a focus on the effective translation of international law frameworks into practice.  She has worked with accountability and oversight mechanisms including ombudsman schemes, NHRIs and the judiciary in different jurisdictions and she is currently appointed as Interception of Communications Commissioner for the Isle of Man. 

Having trained at the European Commission Task Force on Justice and Home Affairs and in the Council of Europe Legal Directorate, Susie has continued to work in and around European law, most recently advising the European Parliament and the Council of Europe on developments relating to data protection and migration.  Since the referendum, Susie has been actively engaged in legal policy debates on Brexit around human rights, the impact on Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories and the implications for the environment, advising civil society and giving evidence to Parliament.

Susie provides legal and policy advice, technical assistance, research and training on human rights, accountability and the rule of law across the world. Her experience working for international NGO’s like Amnesty International and multilateral organisations such as the EU, OSCE and UN informs her work with a practical insight into legal policy.  

She has a particular interest in the challenges faced by small jurisdictions and is the Director of the Island Rights Initiative, a consultancy and think tank dedicated to helping small island communities facing global human rights challenges.

Accountability and Oversight

Susie is currently Interception of Communications Commissioner for the Isle of Man. Her annual  reports include recommendations and guidance on legislative and practical reforms for human rights compliance and effective oversight.  In the UK, she advised the Equality and Human Rights Commission on human rights law and was also an ombudsman for the Financial Ombudsman Service where she advised on the development of policy and structures to ensure the effective application of the Equality Act in casework as well as providing training on judicial independence.

In the international development context, Susie advised the EU on accountability and combating corruption in Uganda from 2010-2013. She provided leadership advising the international donor community on responses to corruption Co-Chairing the Donor Accountability Working Group.  She has also worked with civil society and human rights defenders on engagement with domestic and international bodies for accountability in human rights and represented Amnesty International through its EU Office over the development of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency.

International Organisations

Susie has worked for several different international organisations including the EU, OSCE, Council of Europe and the UN in a variety of capacities. She has also engaged with international organisations on behalf of NGO’s and advised as an expert.  She has a good understanding of legal policy development, advocacy and institutional frameworks in a multilateral context and is available to provide technical and strategic advice on engagement with international organisations.


Susie has been actively engaged in the legal policy debates on Brexit since the referendum.  She is particularly interested in the implications of leaving the EU for human rights and the environment in the UK and its Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories and has been invited to give evidence on these issues to several Parliamentary Inquiries.

Surveillance, Technology and Human Rights

Susie’s role as Interception of Communications Commissioner in the Isle of Man has given her practical insights into the international human rights framework around surveillance and she has been following developments in the UK closely with a particular focus on extra-territorial aspects of the law.  She is currently engaged in research on freedom of thought, data protection and social media and is advising the on the fundamental rights implications of a proposal for a European Travel Information and Authorisation Scheme.


Susie was Anti-Terrorism Adviser for the OSCE ODIHR and has worked for many years on the development of counter-terrorism law and policy and its impact on human rights. Her work has included a report on the range of EU counter-terrorism measures for Amnesty International, research into the impact of counter-terrorism on freedom of association in the Euromed Region for the Euromed Human Rights Network and technical guidance for states on human rights compliant legislation on counter-terrorism for the UN Office on Drugs and Crime and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Rule of Law and International Development

Susie has worked extensively on the rule of law in an international context. Examples of her work include a needs assessment of the justice sector in Rwanda, projects involving accountability and the police in Uganda and research on the rule of law in the European Union and its implications for international cooperation in criminal law. As well as her research and advisory work, Susie has regularly trained judges, lawyers and others on human rights and the rule of law in an international context.

Publications and Seminars

Susie has published widely including scholarly articles on international human rights and public international law. She has also drafted technical guides such as the UNODC guide to the international legal framework and counter-terrorism as well as policy analysis and reports on human rights in regions including Europe and Central Asia, MENA and East Africa. Examples include:

She regularly blogs on developments in international and domestic human rights and public law.

An experienced trainer, she delivers and designs professional training and lectures all over the world. Examples include:

  • Drafting a judicial training handbook on the Rights of the Child in Nigeria

  • Design and delivery of training for ombudsmen on the Equality Act 2010 and access to services in the UK

  • Design and delivery of training on human rights and police accountability in the UK

  • Design and delivery of training for a national human rights institution on the Istanbul Protocol and accountability for torture in Egypt

  • Delivery of training for human rights defenders working in the field of counter-terrorism in Central Asia

  • Delivery of training for military judges and prosecutors in Turkey on counter-terrorism and human rights

  • Delivery of training on international human rights in practice for officials from the UK, Georgia and Austria

  • Lecture on Human Rights in the 21st Century at the International University of Andalucia summer school

  • Talk on Human Rights, International Finance and Small States for the Queen Mary University London Centre for Small States Seminar on Small State International Financial Centres

  • Talk on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights at DSC and QMUL Centre for Small States Seminar on Brexit – Implications for Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories

Susie is always happy to discuss delivering bespoke in-house training.