The Doughty Street Extradition Team comprises many of the UK’s leading extradition barristers.  Since our foundation in 1990 we have been instrumental in the development of extradition law, acting almost exclusively for the defence.  We appear in the Magistrates’ Court through to the Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights defending allegations of war crimes, cybercrime, torture, terrorism, international fraud, and more.  In particular we are recognised as market-leaders in arguing cases raising important human rights arguments on prison conditions, fair trials, passage of time, abuse of process, and the right to family life; many of these cases are now leading authorities.  Our team is especially sought out for our track-record of success in taking new points which others overlook.

Our caseload involves matters which make use of the European Arrest Warrant system (including related appeals in the High Court), and requests from Category 2 Territories or States seeking a special extradition arrangement.  We also advise clients at an early stage prior to receipt of a formal extradition request, and advise overseas clients who find themselves requested by UK. 

Additionally, we are instructed in cases involving States other than the UK and we regularly appear internationally before the courts of Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean jurisdictions (particularly in relation to US requests) such as Belize and BVI as well as international cases before the UK’s Privy Council.

Many of the leading extradition cases which have litigated fundamental human rights issues, or tested new legislation, have featured Doughty Street barristers. Included in that number are:
Lauri Love v USA; Gary McKinnon v USA, Aswat v UK; Richard O’Dwyer v USA, Babar Ahmad v USA / UK, Sweden v Julian Assange, Serbia v Ganic, USA v Christopher Tappin, Gary Mann v Portugal, Barry & Al-Fawwaz v SSHD, Symeou v Greece, The Rwandan genocide extradition case; Gomes v Trinidad and Tobago, Norris v USA, HH v Italy & F-K v Poland as well as innumerable test cases concerning the UAE and Russia.

In addition to our work in court, we author some of the leading practitioner texts including the Extradition Law Handbook (OUP) and the Extradition Law Reports.


Interpol and Red Notice challenges

For many years we have assisted clients, particularly those from Russia and the Middle East, with successful challenges to INTERPOL Red Notices securing the deletion of diffusion notices.  We also assist with negotiating safe passage whilst Red Notices are under challenge.

Our team draws on Doughty Street’s multi-disciplinary approach to casework, and we construct teams with extensive experience in white-collar and international criminal law, politically motivated prosecutions, corruption, fair trial rights, abuse of process, and more.  Our international expertise also sees us instructed to advise on remedies at international bodies such as the UN; and we have strong links with NGOs and other organisations who have developed campaigns around our clients who include journalists, politicians, human rights campaigners, high-profile individuals, and others.  


Mutual Legal Assistance

We advise those who have been asked to co-operate with an overseas investigation by a Commission Rogatoire or other judicial co-operation process.  Individuals or companies who are suspects or witnesses instruct us to advise them on how the process works, what material they have which may be sought, their rights and duties, and on bringing challenges to their involvement.  With colleagues in chambers who are very experienced in data protection and privacy law, as well as public law challenges such as judicial review, we can construct teams with a broad range of relevant expertise tailored to meet your needs.


For more information about our extradition and international crime work, or to discuss our barristers, please contact our practice managers Richard Vile or Marc Gilby by calling them on the dedicated crime team number which is 020 7400 9088 or e-mailing