Advice Line - Immigration

If you are experiencing a problem relating to your immigration status as a result of Covid-19, our Immigration team are here to help.

For a fixed fee of £75 + VAT (if applicable), you will have the opportunity to speak with a direct-access qualified barrister in our Immigration team to discuss your situation. In a phone call up to 30 minutes, the barrister will provide you with their initial thoughts, followed by some guidance on what the appropriate next steps might be. Should the barrister advise you that a solicitor is needed to take your matter forward, our clerks will make a recommendation and try to facilitate a referral to a suitable solicitors firm where possible. If you wish to continue with a claim or application on a direct access basis, further information can be provided in terms of time frame and cost.  

If you would like to make use of this service, please contact Rachel Finch or Emily Norman on 020 7404 1313. The clerks will then make expeditious arrangements for a member of our immigration team to contact you.