Annabel Timan leads in Modern Slavery Act trial

Annabel Timan's client, MS, was unanimously acquitted by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court of trafficking offences under the Modern Slavery Act.

MS stood accused of arranging for a teenager to be brought to her flat as bait to attract a drug dealer’s customers. The teenager was allegedly plied with drugs and raped by strangers at the home of MS. It was asserted by the Crown that the teenager was being groomed by Omar Sharif, a local drug dealer, who faced trial on multiple counts of rape and sexual against four young girls on numerous occasions as well as supplying Class A and perjury.   

MS had pleaded guilty to allowing her premises to be used for the supply of class A drugs but denied any involvement in facilitating sexual exploitation. After a five week trial MS was unanimously acquitted alongside two other defendants charged with rape. Two defendants, including Mr Sharif, were convicted of numerous counts of rape, supply of Class A and perverting the course of justice.


Annabel Timan represented MS, leading Danielle Barden of 5 St Andrew's Hill, instructed by Jennifer Siddorn of Hodge Jones and Allen.


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