Rose McGowan instructs Doughty Street counsel to seek justice and accountability for abuse and harassment

Artist, activist and former actress Rose McGowan has instructed Jennifer Robinson to help her develop an international advocacy effort to support women and to work with US lawyers to seek justice and accountability for the abuse and harassment she has suffered from Mr Weinstein. Ms Robinson is working with Nancy Hollander, an Associate Tenant of Doughty Street, and her law firm Freedman Boyd Hollander Goldberg Urias & Ward.


It is now public knowledge that Weinstein employed underhanded tactics to "silence" his victims, including hiring private investigators to collect information about the journalists trying to expose allegations of sexual assault and to "target" those who were speaking out about him. Ms McGowan was targeted by the counter-intelligence companies Psops and Black Cube: she was stalked, had her private accounts hacked, was publicly attacked and ridiculed, and was secretly recorded and exploited by people she confided in, who later turned out to be hired by Weinstein.


Ms. Robinson says: "Rose has suffered a vile campaign of harassment at the hands of Mr Weinstein and his representatives. It is well documented that Mr Weinstein went to extraordinary lengths to silence Rose and undermine her credibility, including hiring ex-Mossad agents to infiltrate her life and a PR team to malign her in the media."


"Rose is a feminist whistle-blower. For speaking out about sexual abuse and harassment in Hollywood, she has faced the kind of harassment I’m used to seeing authoritarian governments use against political dissidents and whistleblowers. Rose faced this treatment because she spoke out about abuse by one powerful man and about the industry which protected him. Mr Weinstein abused his power over many women, which was facilitated for decades by the silence of many. Rose and the women who have spoken out should be celebrated, not persecuted."


Ms Robinson is also advising Rose on her international advocacy work, which has commenced with her new #RoseArmy fundraising campaign for the Coalition to End Violence Against Women through the CrowdJustice platform, to support women speaking out about abuse and harassment.


"Rose is determined to turn her experience into a positive opportunity to assist other women to speak out about abuse and harassment," Ms Robinson said.


In April Ms McGowan submitted evidence to the Women and Equalities Committee in the UK Parliament for its inquiry into the abuse of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in sexual abuse and harassment cases. Advised by Ms Robinson, Ms McGowan shared her experience of Mr Weinstein’s lawyers and their attempts to have her sign an NDA, explaining how NDAs were used by him for decades as a tool to silence women - in the US and the UK - to ensure his impunity and his ability to continue to abuse women. Zelda Perkins, Weintein’s former assistant, also spoke to the Committee about the NDA she was forced to sign about sexual harassment by Weinstein in Europe against his UK-based employee.


Ms Robinson said, "Rose contributed to the Parliamentary Inquiry in the UK to encourage more women to speak out about their experience and to assist with law reform efforts to stop NDAs being abused to silence women and to cover up abuse. We cannot allow there to be any more Weinsteins, anywhere."  


Ms. Hollander said,"Rose McGowan is a courageous woman. I am looking forward to helping her continue to be a spokesperson and supporter of others who have suffered as she has in the entertainment industry and elsewhere. With her help, others can find their voices. Together we will make the changes that are necessary so women can finally stand on equal footing with men everywhere."


Ms Robinson attended court with Ms McGowan in Virginia this week. See reports here and here.


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