Compensation and restorative justice measures lead to settlement of two human rights claims in Kenya and Malawi

Amal Clooney was part of the Claimant team in two claims arising in Kenya and Malawi which have both settled at mediation on the basis of the payment of compensation and a range of innovative restorative justice measures. 

In the Kenyan case, Amal represented 85 members of a community living near an avocado farm who claimed they had been subjected to severe beatings by security personnel. The settlement included compensation and the introduction of measures such as new community roads, community infrastructure, land distribution and the introduction of a Human Rights Defender policy.

In Malawi, Amal represented 36 women alleging gender-based violence (including, in some cases, rape) and sexual harassment during the course of their work on tea estates. The settlement included compensation for the claimants and a range of measures designed to improve conditions for women in the wider community, including a Women’s Empowerment Initiative, a Female Leadership Training Programme and funding of civic education programmes concentrating on sexual harassment and gender equality.

Amal was instructed by Dan Leader of Leigh Day in the Kenyan case and Sapna Malik of Leigh Day in the Malawian claims and worked with Richard Hermer QC of Matrix Chambers on the case.

Media Coverage: Leigh Day StatementSunday Times.