Garry Green secures acquittal for his client who faced charges of attempted murder

Garry Green yesterday (17th January) secured an acquittal for his client who faced a 30 year sentence of imprisonment on charges of attempted murder, s18 wounding and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. 

Garry’s client was indicted for shooting the victim in the neck which resulted in him suffering life changing injuries because of damage to his spinal cord. The case centred on a dispute caught on camera between two gangs following a drug deal gone wrong.  One gang was alleged to have stolen drugs from another resulting in a highspeed car chase along several streets in Barking East London. The chase culminated when a gunman in the lead car leant of a window firing at the car behind.  A shot hit the driver whose car then careered out of control smashing into multiple cars and the front of a house. 

Garry’s client was identified as the gunman by a member of the rival gang.  He gave evidence at trial along with a number of eye witnesses. Garry’s expert cross-examination of the witnesses exposing flaws in the ID and their accounts resulted in the jury reaching not guilty verdicts on all four counts in 1 hour.

Garry was instructed by Ola Amosu of Amosu Robinshaw Solicitors.