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Liam Walker is recognised by both The Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners as a leading barrister.

“One of the most determined and direct advocates, he is both fearsome and utterly fearless." – Chambers and Partners 2020/21

“Exceptional client-handling abilities and legal knowledge.” – Chambers and Partners 2019/20

“A great tactical criminal mind and, being a man of the people, is a brilliant jury advocate. An absolute star.” - Chambers and Partners 2018

“He understands clients, he just gets them and knows what they need. He can take that into the courtroom, and he delivers.” - Chambers and Partners 2018

“He’s bloody good, it’s as simple as that.” - Legal 500 2017

Liam is driven by the understanding that every case in which he is instructed may have life changing consequences for those involved. He regularly acts as leading junior counsel.

As a result of Liam’s commitment to his clients, Liam is regularly instructed to represent individuals with a high media profile. He has acted for internationally renowned recording artists, media celebrities, actors, world-class professional athletes and other professionals whose livelihoods and reputations depend on the outcome of a case.

Liam is regularly instructed to defend individuals charged with the most serious offences: murder, attempted murder, terrorism, serious sexual offences and complex fraud. He is the author of Westlaw Insight’s guide to manslaughter and, as an expert in sexual offences, is a speaker for Lexis Nexis on serious sexual offences.

Liam provides pre-charge advice to individuals and corporate entities who are known to be under investigation or face the threat of prosecution. He is able to provide multi-jurisdictional advice to those whose professional interests span beyond the UK and EU.


Liam Walker advises and represents those alleged to have committed professional misconduct before their regulatory bodies. He represents registrants before regulators including: The General Medical Council (GMC/MPTS), The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and The General Dental Council (GDC).

Liam has been instructed to appear and advise upon matters where misconduct of a serious criminal nature has been alleged. He has acted in matters where allegations of dishonesty, sexual impropriety or criminally negligent conduct have arisen.

Inquiries and inquests

Liam has appeared for families and organisations where unlawful killing, neglect, or police corruption have been alleged. His background in criminal law is an asset in matters where it is alleged that corruption and/or state complicity features. Equally, Liam’s experience with juries has been particularly beneficial in Article 2 inquests held before a jury.

Homicide and Related Grave Offences
  • R v K [2021] Attempted murder by shooting. Leading junior. (ongoing)

  • R v S [2019] Attempted murder of a member of ‘The Adams family’. The Mail

  • R v B [2019] Murder of three-year-old child by stabbing and attempted murder of partner. The BBC

  • R v AU [2018] Conspiracy to commit attempted murder. Group attack of boy with machete and baseball bat. Leading junior.

  • R v OY [2018] Attempted murder by shooting. Complex cross examination of complainant who was paralysed as a result of the shooting. Acquitted of attempted murder. The Evening Standard

  • R  v MS [2017] Attempted murder and GBH. Stabbing of a male with mental health issues in his home. Co-defendant pleaded guilty to an allegation of joint enterprise attack. Liam’s client was acquitted following trial despite accepting presence during the attack. The Evening Standard

  • R v LO [2017] Conspiracy to murder. Multi handed trial in which the Crown alleged a group assault on a vulnerable male in his home who was stabbed multiple times and left with life changing injuries. Leading junior.

  • R v JS [2017] Attempted murder. Multi handed trial. Defendant assessed as having mental health disorders. Expert evidence of psychiatrists and psychologists was assessed in detail in this complex trial. Despite the defendant accepting stabbing another youth repeatedly in what was described in national media as a ‘frenzied attack’ Liam’s client was acquitted. Press coverage: Sky NewsThe Evening Standard.

  • R v SJ [2016] Attempted murder. Defendant accused of shooting complainant at point blank range in a car. Defence at trial was that the complainant had shot himself, at point blank range. Acquitted.

  • R v TM [2015] Murder. Multi handed murder trial. All defendants were youths, the youngest being 14 years old. Issues included identification by police in breach of PACE and significant, successful legal argument, to exclude evidence of character. Led junior.

  • R v A [2015] Murder. Widely publicised multi handed gang related murder of a youth in Southwark. The case involved significant legal argument concerning absent witnesses and hearsay. Led junior.

  • R v DK [2015] Murder by stabbing. Led junior.

  • R v W [2014] Death by dangerous driving. A complex case where the defendant developed PTSD following a fatal collision. Issues of fitness to stand trial and abuse of process due to delay arose. Instructed alone. Acquitted.

  • R v McKay [2013] Attempted murder. Leading junior. Attempted murder by stabbing. Acquitted.

  • R v Dawson and Ors [2013] Murder. A nine-handed murder, which involved multiple ‘cut throat’ defences. Led junior.

  • R v Burke [2012] Attempted Murder. Attempted murder by stabbing. Junior alone. Acquitted.

  • R v Shi Fu Ni [2011] Attempted Murder. Attempted murder by strangulation and attempted rape.

  • R v Karabeyaz [2011] Manslaughter. Manslaughter by kicking, retrial of manslaughter charge. (Read more).

  • R v K [2010] Murder. Murder and section 18 by kicking. (Read more).

  • R v Samuel Quamina [2010] Murder. Allegation of murder and causing grievous bodily harm by a homeowner to three intruders. (Read more).

  • R v Lont [2009] Murder. Multi-handed murder of homeless man.

  • R v Leong and Others [2008] Murder. Multi-handed murder of a pensioner involving triad gangs.

  • R v Tate [2008] Attempted murder. Widely publicised shooting of a bystander that emanated from an attempted ‘hit’ of a DJ by a gang of Jamaican contract killers. A complex matter involving extensive expert testimony regarding mobile phone evidence.

  • R v K Malik and Others [2008] Murder. Multi-handed murder of a faith healer, which involved international investigations and complex issues of disclosure. Mr Malik was acquitted despite cut throat defences run by co-defendants.

  • R v Miazga [2008] Murder. Murder of two Polish brothers. The matter attracted widespread media coverage. (Read more)

  • R v Kayani and Others [2007] Murder. Multi-handed conspiracy to commit the murder of two brothers by a rival South London gang. Heard at the Old Bailey, the trial was the longest ever murder tried at the Central Criminal Court. Prosecution halted against all defendants after the defence disclosure requests revealed witness contamination. (Read more)


Liam has been instructed to advise suspects of terrorism and firearms offences in advance of trial. He is able to advise lay and professional clients on the applicability of acts alleged and the admissibility of evidence under legislation including: Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, Counter-Terrorism Act 2008, Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005, Terrorism Act 2000 & 2006.

Regulatory and Financial Crime

Liam has been instructed to appear as leading counsel, junior counsel and alone, in complex fraud matters prosecuted by agencies including the SFO and the CPS.

Liam retains specialist knowledge of the law of abuse of process and is often instructed to appear in cases in which applications to stay proceedings or applications to dismiss are required. Liam has also been instructed to advise those at the investigatory stage.

Liam is regularly instructed on a privately funded or direct access basis. He is frequently instructed to represent high profile clients. Previous lay clients include a former England football captain, other professional international athletes, professionals in medicine, finance, entertainment, media and company directors.

  • R v H [2020] – Allegation of complex fraud committed by solicitors. Investigated by NCA (ongoing).

  • R v JB [2018] – Multi handed case concerning misconduct in a public office and fraud by false representation. (ongoing).

  • FCA v MM [2017] – Multi-handed fraud prosecuted by the FCA. Large scale multi million pound fraud involving hundreds of thousands of pages of prosecution evidence. Led junior.

  • R v LB [2017] – Nurse charged with theft of drugs from NHS trust. Issues included extensive expert evidence concerning handwriting and toxicological analysis. Instructed alone. Acquitted.  Press coverage: Daily MailOxford Mail

  • R v W [2016] – Boiler room fraud involving electronic analysis spanning tens of thousands of pages of evidence.

  • R v CD [2015] – Fraud alleging abuse of position by an employee of West Sussex County Council. Issues included the transferral of funds out of the jurisdiction, handwriting analysis and the parameters of admissible hearsay in fraud. Submissions made at the close of the Crown’s case resulted in the matter not proceeding. Instructed alone. Acquitted.

  • R v C [2015] – Fraud alleging unfair commercial practices and money laundering offences.

  • R v L [2014] Fraudulent trading and converting criminal property alleging multi-million pound loss to banks.

  • R v Q [2014] Multi-handed conspiracy to defraud.

  • R v K [2012] Fraud. £80 million complex multi-handed fraud.

  • R v Mpengula [2011] Fraud. Leading junior defending an allegation against an employee of Emirates airlines accused of conspiring to fraudulently provide upgrades to passengers with a travel agent. 

  • R v Biryah and Others [2008] Fraud. Allegation of multi-million pound cheating of the public revenue against company director with interests in various foreign jurisdictions.

  • R v C and Others [2005] Fraud; duty evasion. Six handed multi-million pound conspiracy to evade duty. The matter was stayed three months into the Crown’s case following lengthy and complex defence submissions concerning disclosure. This resulted in the recusal of the presiding judge and the Crown’s subsequent decision to offer no evidence.

Criminal Appeals

Liam is frequently instructed to advise on and conduct appeals where he did not appear at first instance. Liam is an appeals specialist and is a contributing author to the practitioner text Taylor on Appeals - Vol 3.

  • R v GJ [2021] Appeal against sentence arising out of the ‘phone hacking’ scandal. Liam is acting as leading counsel.

  • R v K [2019] Appeal against conviction and sentence arising from lack of disclosure. The appeal engaged Article 2 HRA issues and was heard in private. Appeal against sentence allowed. The applicant currently seeks leave to appeal to the ECHR. Liam acted as leading junior counsel.

  • R v L [2012] EWCA CRIM 316 Appeal against conviction allowed following the admission of character evidence via an incorrect gateway and inadequate directions from the trial judge.

  • R v B & Others [2008] EWCA Crim 238 Prosecution appeal against terminatory ruling. Judge's ruling upheld, resulting in Crown offering no evidence on longest ever running murder trial at the Old Bailey.

  • R v F [2007] EWCA Crim 1688 Appeal against conviction allowed.

  • R v S A & B Cr.App.R. 2007 2, The Times, 7 February 2007. The first challenge to the Identity Cards Act 2006.

  • CPS Harrow v Brentford Youth Court, The Times, 8th October 2003, [2003] 9 Archbold News 1. Judicial review concerning the admissibility of similar fact and background evidence in relation to the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999.

  • R v S A & B Cr.App.R. 2007 2, The Times, 7th February 2007 The first challenge to the Identity Cards Act 2006.

Protest Cases
  • R v SW [2021] High profile criminal damage trial. Liam was directly instructed to represent a defendant for his part in removing a statue of Edward Colston in Bristol city centre in 2020. The trial is listed to begin in December 2021. (Read more)

  • R v R and Ors [2011] Conspiracy to commit violent disorder. R was alleged, with 22 others, to have conspired to commit violent disorder by organising violence against a fascist group. Mr. R and other protestors were said to have been anarchists intent on attacking fascists attending a ‘blood and honour’ concert held in Welling. R was indicted first in the second trial. Despite many defendants having been convicted in the first trial and being described as a ring leader he was acquitted unanimously. Read more.

Other Serious Criminal Offences
  • R v W [2021] – Allegation of sexual assault against company director. Ongoing.

  • R v H [2020] – Allegation of group kidnapping and torture.

  • R v H [2019] – GBH and prison riot alleged against inmate previously convicted of airline bomb plot. Acquitted.

  • R v KP [2018] – Historic sexual abuse against a 5-year-old. Acquitted.

  • R v BP [2018] – GBH. Widely publicised attack on refugee in Croydon. Read more

  • R v G [2018] – Conspiracy to control prostitution. Leading junior. 3-month trial involving thousands of pages of material and hundreds of hours of undercover police footage.

  • R v HK [2017] – Conspiracy to import firearms. HK was charged first on an 8 handed indictment with importing firearms, including fully automatic machine guns. The case involved surveillance by foreign intelligence officer, which led to complex arguments concerning admissibility. Leading junior.

  • HSE v NS [2016] – Prosecution of a film production company by the Health and Safety Executive following an accident to a ‘rigger’ on the set of a multimillion pound high profile film production. Liam was instructed alone. Despite being unable to call any evidence and without a client in attendance Liam’s clients, a production company, was acquitted unanimously following trial.

  • R v AC [2016] – Teacher accused of sexually assaulting three pupils. Leading junior. Acquitted.

  • R v SM [2016] – Rape. Instructed alone. Acquitted.

  • R v H & W [2016] – Historical allegations of sexual assault and rape against high profile musicians. Liam was instructed prior to charge. Following legal submissions both defendants were acquitted by judicial direction. Press coverage: The BBCThe Telegraph

  • R v T [2016] – Multi handed allegations of rape and sexual assault against children. Press coverage: The Evening Standard

  • R v P [2015] – Leading junior in allegation of conspiracy to supply drugs. The case was the largest ever prosecuted in Exeter CC. Papers exceeded 100,000 pages. Successful legal arguments resulted in the jury returning verdicts of not guilty, despite the defendant having been found with a ‘drug phone’ upon arrest, having drugs on him and being captured on CCTV in Exeter allegedly dealing drugs. Other defendants pleaded guilty at the outset.

  • R v TB [2015] Rape. Stranger rape.

  • R v C [2015] Indecent assault. Allegations made by student against teacher.

  • R v Gilleney [2014] Rape and gross indecency with children. Historic allegations.

  • R v Alale [2012] Rape and kidnap. A complex sex case that involved arguments over the admissibility of the complainant’s Twitter feed and Facebook posts.

  • R v Aborlarinwa [2011] Sexual assault and attempted kidnap. Multiple counts of attempted kidnap and sexual assault against women in the South East by a defendant with psychiatric issues so severe he was deemed unfit to enter pleas.

  • R v Lee [2011] Indecent assault and possession of child pornography. Multiple historic counts of indecent assault against two children.

  • R v Faisal Rawat [2011] Kidnapping and inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent. Acid attack by defendant with mental health issues on his family.

  • R v Slinger [2010] Multiple rape and sexual touching. 37 Counts of sexual offences including rape and sexual assault of children. The case was particularly complex as one of the complainants had committed suicide, which raised issues concerning the admissibility of hearsay evidence and the cross admissibility of the counts that evidence was called in support of.

  • R v SM [2010] Rape and sexual assault against a child under the age of 16. Historic allegations of sexual abuse against a family member including the admission of evidence of previous similar convictions.

  • R v Kelly [2010] Death by careless driving. Causing the death of a cyclist by careless driving. Widespread media coverage of tragic death of father of three children. Read more.

  • R v Alderton [2010] Rape and possession of indecent images. Allegations of rape by a defendant with personality disorder.

  • R v Hagland [2010] Rape. Allegations of sexual grooming and rape of a 14 year old girl.

  • R v Passenger [2010] Conspiracy to cultivate cannabis. Largest ever cannabis cultivation ring uncovered in South Wales. 

  • R v Bass [2009] Rape and sexual assault. Rape and multiple counts of sexual assault of three separate complainants.

  • R v Cutino [2008] Rape. Rape of mentally impaired complainant by defendant with severe learning disabilities. A test case, the matter was the first prosecution of "sexual touching of a person who was unable to refuse because of a reason relating to a mental disorder" contrary to section 30(1) of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

Sports Law

Liam is regularly instructed to represent those alleged to have committed professional misconduct by the regulatory bodies governing their profession. Liam is often instructed at an early stage where allegations may have formed the basis of criminal charges.

  • FA v H – Appeal over suspension of Premier League coach following allegations of sexual misconduct

  • R v L - Failing to provide details. Television presenter and former England football captain charged and with failing to provide registration details. Acquitted at trial.

  • R v C-R - Affray. Premiership footballer charged with affray. Acquitted at trial.

  • R v L - Failing to provide details. England rugby international charged with speeding and totting. Not banned, despite reaching 12 points on license.

  • R v M - Failing to provide details. Premiership footballer alleged to have failed to provide registration details. Acquitted at trial.

  • R v JCT - Conspiracy. Heavy weight UFC  champion charged with conspiracy.

  • R - Conspiracy to defraud. Pre-charge advice for former England football international investigated for alleged multi million pound fraud.


Liam is regularly instructed to advise individuals and organisations on media law related matters, particularly in cases that encompass criminal law issues.

  • IS – Prosecution for copyright infringement against company alleged to have infringed Apple Inc licencing. Prosecution withdrawn following advice given and representations drafted by Liam.

  • NS – Advising Hollywood production company over HSE prosecution. Company acquitted at trial and awarded costs. Liam advised on funding from insurance policy. Costs awarded following verdict.

  • S – Advice provided to supermodel over stalking and harassment. Liam provided advice and liaised with police to resolve the issue.

  • The Guardian – Liam advised journalist on criminal law liabilities arising from a source who had escaped prison and continued to provide information to a journalist.

  • D – Advice to management of  A list band who were to be the subject of newspaper allegations concerning illegality. Reporting and prosecution averted following advice from Liam.

  • S – Hollywood actor alleged to have taken illegal drugs. Prosecution and reporting averted following intervention by Liam.

  • B – A list performer threatened with witness summons. Set aside following Liam’s intervention.

  • Times newspapers – Advice on the application of Counter Terrorism legislation.

  • A – Advice to actress following Harvey Weinstein revelations.

  • L – Allegation of assault on photographer by Hollywood A list actor. Matter resolved without reporting or prosecution.

  • AP – Represented well known TV personality after his arrest for drink driving.

  • JA – represented the founder of Wikileaks following his arrest. Liam had been retained in advance of his client’s arrest. Liam advised on complex legal issues including the recusal of a judge who had heard previous applications on the case.

  • King of Thieves – Liam advised production company, on the threat of possible injunction, following the arrest of a suspect for the ‘Hatton Garden’ heist. Liam liaised with the CPS and Met Police to ensure that the release date of the film was not endangered.

  • S – Advice and representation for world renowned rapper.

  • JM – S.159 appeal against the imposition of reporting restrictions in case of blackmail.

Liam provides advice to film and television production companies on productions that feature a legal setting. Most recently, Liam was the legal adviser for Steve McQueen’s critically acclaimed ‘The Mangrove Nine’.

Professional Discipline and Regulation

Liam has also represented those alleged to have committed professional misconduct in the medical profession.

  • S – (GDC) Misconduct. Dentist alleged to have provided non-essential treatment and additionally, not keeping adequate records.

  • W – (GMC) Misconduct. Doctor alleged to have conducted affairs with patients.

Inquiries and inquests

Liam’s background in criminal law perfectly complements his inquiry and inquest practice. Having been involved in numerous cases where corruption or negligence has been alleged he is able to effectively direct the focus of the tribunal towards the pertinent issues.

Liam is also able to advise organisations in advance of inquiry proceedings.

Recent instructions include:

Extraordinary rendition - Liam has been instructed to provide written advice for the charity Reprieve concerning the suspected complicity of governments in organised torture.

  • FA – (Article 2 inquest) A tragic case involving the suicide of a heavily pregnant mother who killed her two children before taking her own life. Liam’s knowledge of social services records enabled him to successfully argue that various relevant social services files should be made available to the Court.

  • EW – (Article 2 jury inquest) Inquest involving the death of a woman who was killed by a falling tree branch. Issues concerning the scope of the inquest and the admissibility of expert evidence on behalf of the family arose and were successfully argued.