Doughty Street Chambers was formed in 1990 and has since forged an international reputation as a first class set of barristers’ chambers. Its ethos has been and will always be to improve access to justice and promote human rights and civil liberties through the law.

As the first chambers to set up outside the Inns of Court, the traditional working location for barristers in private practice, Doughty Street has innovated from the start. Our barristers are renowned as pioneers of the progressive development of the law who also provide an excellent, friendly and accessible service.

Practice areas

Our breadth of practice is unique. We provide world class legal services in criminal, civil and public law, including all aspects of human rights law and civil liberties. Our clients include individuals, business owners, companies, NGOs and those from civil society, regulators, Sovereign States, and others. 

You can find more information on our areas of practice by clicking here or by scrolling down the page.

With our specialist barristers working alongside each other in several, complementary, areas of practice, we can assemble a cross-disciplinary team of advisers to offer a genuinely holistic and creative view on the legal issues our clients face.  Our barristers are supported in their work by our panel of leading international legal experts and scholars.

Please find here, the BSB’s Barristers’ Register which gives you information on the barristers who have a current practising certificate, and whether a barrister has any disciplinary findings, which are published on the Barristers’ Register.

Where we work

Chambers has offices in London, Manchester and Bristol, as well as in The Netherlands at The Hague. Our members advise clients all over the world in multiple legal jurisdictions, and many are called to overseas Bars allowing them to appear in foreign courts.


Our Joint Heads of Chambers are Geoffrey Robertson QC and Edward Fitzgerald CBE QC.  Our Management Board is jointly chaired by Tim Moloney QC and Fiona Murphy.  

Client Care

Doughty Street Chambers is committed to providing a first-class service to its clients.  We welcome your comments on our performance and want to know if it meets your expectations.  If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service you receive, please contact our Chief Executive Mark Dembovsky by sending an email.  You can download a full copy of our complaints procedure by clicking here.

Clients can complain to LeO if they are unhappy with the final response to their complaint, or if their complaint has not been dealt with in eight weeks.

Please find here, the LeOs decision data where you can find details of those providers who have received an ombudsman’s decision in the previous 12 months.

Diversity Data

The Bar’s Code of Conduct requires us to invite our workforce (barristers and staff) to provide diversity data about themselves. We are further required to publish an accurate and anonymised summary of that data, and we do so on this page of our website. To see our diversity data report of June 2019, please click here.  We are required to update this report at least every three years, although we aim to do so more frequently.

Doughty Street Chambers is deeply committed to equality, but policies by themselves are not enough to bring about true equality. We gather and analyse this kind of data so we can be sure that our policies and action plans are working, and so we are able to identify where inequality might exist in order that we can remedy it. More generally, the collection of diversity data assists Chambers in providing transparency in all our recruitment, and in encouraging an independent, strong, diverse and effective profession.

The survey is entirely voluntary and is conducted in such a way to guarantee the anonymity of those contributing.  A large percentage of our workforce responded to the invitation to supply diversity data.

Contact Us

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Instruct Us

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Social Responsibility

We aim to be socially responsible in our work and to support positive social change. Click here to read more about our efforts.