We accept instructions from individual members of the public, business owners and companies.

Historically, the Bar was a referral profession, meaning we could only accept instructions from a professional client such as a solicitor.  The system was similar to the way a consultant doctor sees a patient on a GP’s referral. However, a liberalisation of the legal services market means that barrister can now accept instructions from clients directly under the Public Access Scheme. Details can be found, here

Many companies, business owners, and members of the public have found the Public Access Scheme to be an easy and cost-effective way of obtaining legal advice, and Doughty Street Chambers has specially trained barristers and practice managers who can assist you through the process.  

Instructing a barrister under the Public Access Scheme can save you money (as you are only paying for one lawyer), it allows you to have complete control over your choice of specialist adviser, and gives you a direct line of communication with them. 

Not all cases are suitable for the Public Access Scheme, and not all barristers are qualified to accept instructions in this way, but more information appears below, and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.