06th December 2023

Garden Court Chambers

Garden Court Chambers, 57 - 60 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3LJ

Free Hybrid Conference

Brook House Inquiry: What Lessons have been Learned? 

Implications for Current Legal Claims: Article 3, Use of Force, Detention, Segregation, Racism & Vulnerable Adults

Wednesday 6 December 2023 | 1.45pm - 6.45pm, followed by networking drinks

Venue: Garden Court Chambers, 57 - 60 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3LJ

The Brook House Inquiry report found evidence of 19 instances of inhumane or degrading treatment, widespread misuse of force and the power to segregate. It exposed dehumanising abuse of vulnerable people held in immigration detention by the Home Office and its contractors, as well as a failure of all oversight mechanisms.

Join the Brook House Inquiry legal teams, Core Participants and experts who gave vital evidence to the Inquiry to discuss the final report of the Brook House Inquiry; its findings and its 33 recommendations. The panels will focus on how they are relevant and can be utilised in current detention claims, challenges to the expanded powers to detain in the Illegal Migration Act 2023, and to press for fundamental change yet to be implemented in the detention system.

The legal team included Shu Shin Luh  and Laura Profumo who were instructed by Hamish Arnott of Bhatt Murphy for 5 formerly detained people and Medical Justice as Core Participants with Stephanie Harrison KC of Garden Court Chambers.

Jude Bunting KC represented the BBC and Callum Tulley whose undercover reporting for Panorama exposed the abuse and mistreatment at the centre in 2017.

Read more about the report findings here.


Stephanie Harrison KC, Joint Head of Garden Court Chambers

Panel 1: Article 3: Mistreatment in the Detention Context
Chair: Emma Ginn, Medical Justice

  • Systems Duty: Home Office & G4S Responsiblity 
    • Alex Goodman KC, Landmark Chambers
  • Mistreatment 
    • Alex Schymyck, Garden Court Chambers
  • Medical Conditions 
    • Gordon Lee, Garden Court Chambers

Panel 2: Detention Safeguards: Judicial Review, Civil Actions & Complaints
Chair: Hamish Arnott, Bhatt Murphy

  • Adults at Risk, Rules 34/35 
    • Shu Shin Luh, Doughty Street
  • Failure of Healthcare 
    • Dr Rachel Bingham, Medical Justice
  • Misuse of Power to Segregation 
    • Lewis Kett, Duncan Lewis

Panel 3: Misuse of Force and Segregation: Civil Actions & Judicial Review
Chair: Mark Hylands, Deighton Pierce Glynn

  • Use of Force: Necessary & Proportionate? 
    • Una Morris, Garden Court Chambers
  • Use of Force: Mental Illness 
    • Dr Brodie Paterson, CALM Training
  • Complaints and Article 32 Investigations 
    • Kirsten Heaven, Garden Court Chambers

Institutional Culture & Racism - What's Changed

  • Professor Mary Bosworth (Centre for Criminology, Oxford University) in conversation with Stephanie Harrison KC

Closing: Excerpts from evidence and testimony of Core Participants.

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