Adam Straw in judicial review Windrush success

Adam Straw represented the mother of Dexter Bristol, in her judicial review challenge to the inquest into her son’s death. Dexter was a Windrush migrant, who was unable to obtain enough evidence to prove that he had settled immigration status. This prevented him from working, put his benefits and housing at risk, and would have prevented him from obtaining free secondary medical care for the heart condition which killed him. Medical evidence showed the stress resulting from his immigration problems contributed to his death. Ms Bristol argued that the inquest failed to investigate systemic flaws in the ‘hostile environment’ policy, the evidence showing those flaws contributed to Dexter’s death, and whether changes should be made to protect other Windrush migrants. She also argued that the Coroner appeared to be biased. After Mrs Bristol issued the claim, the Coroner conceded the claim, and consented to an order quashing the original inquest and for a fresh inquest.

Adam acted with Una Morris, and was instructed by Irene Nembhard at Birnberg Pierce Solicitors

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