After legal argument HMRC offers no evidence of £2.5m fraud and money laundering allegations against Katy Thorne QC’s client

Katy Thorne QC’s client, a director of a restaurant business, was accused by HM Revenue and Customs of tax fraud perpetrated over a number of years. They valued the fraud at £2.5 million. Katy successfully argued that HMRC’s officers and lawyers had misunderstood the applicable legislation, and the duties on company directors, as well as miscalculating the profit figures of her client’s business. 

A previous successful legal argument mounted by Katy led to the dismissal of separate charges relating to Corporation Tax offences. Further arguments led, the day before trial, to HMRC choosing not to pursue their case. The Court accepted Katy’s invitation to grant an Order for Costs in favour of her client.

Katy was instructed by Mark Troman of Powell Spencer & Partners.