Amelia Nice successful in extradition appeal of a Polish national due to severe PTSD

On 12 November 2019, Amelia Nice successfully won an extradition appeal and secured the discharge of a Polish national from an extradition request issued by a court in Poland.

Mr. Justice Jay refused extradition on a European Arrest Warrant issued in respect of a conviction for thefts. Mr. Szujecki had been convicted in absence and sentenced to a suspended term of imprisonment. He did not comply with the terms of the suspension and the sentence was activated. The offences were comparatively recent and Mr Szujecki came to the UK in 2017. Fresh evidence was obtained on appeal which concluded that Mr. Szujecki had both a mental disability arising from a cognitive impairment and severe PTSD arising from his imprisonment in Poland during which time he had, amongst other things been very seriously bullied. Amelia argued that both the disability and the PTSD were relevant to the proportionality of extradition. Mr. Justice Jay admitted the further evidence and concluded that he did not consider it safe to proceed on the basis the PTSD would be appropriately treated in a Polish prison.  Extradition would give rise to exceptionally serious consequences and ought to be refused.  

In Szujecki v Poland Amelia was instructed by Nicola Babb of Armstrong Solicitors.