Another success for Jonathan Lennon KC in corporate Account Freezing Order challenge

Jonathan Lennon was instructed by Sundeep Soor of Reeds Solicitors, representing a national blue-chip construction company. The company had one of its bank accounts frozen under POCA on a without notice application by HMRC. HMRC alleged that there was a reasonable suspicion that the considerable sums in the account were the proceeds of fraud. Jonathan, working together with his Instructing Solicitor as well as the directors of the company and its accountants, directed the evidential challenge and, critically, the legal challenge to a further extension of the AFO. In June 2023 HMRC conceded in the face of a contested extension application. The company now has its bank account returned to it.

Challenging Account Freezing Orders made under Part 5 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 requires a particular approach and specific expertise. This is the latest AFO case that Jonathan has been instructed where ultimately the AFO has been discharged.