Barra Mc Grory QC succeeds in achieving a landmark second judgement from Belfast High Court preserving the powers of the Police Ombudsman of Northern Ireland to reach conclusions concerning allegations of police collision in Loughinisland massacre.

This time last year the value of the Office of the Police Ombudsman Northern Ireland (OPONI) appeared to have been reduced to the point of irrelevance insofar as legacy investigations were concerned when the Retired Police Officers Association (RPOA) succeeded in its application to quash the Public Statement that found significant collusion on the part of the RUC in respect of the massacre of 6 civilians as they gathered to watch the Republic of Ireland soccer team play a world cup qualifying match in a country pub in June 1994. On 30th November, following a rehearing ordered by the previous Court the challenge to the collusion findings and the Ombudsman’s entitlement to make them were dismissed and these important powers of police oversight preserved.