Claimant awarded over £100,000 in damages and costs after sham redundancy

Ms Zena was the EMEA controller of Verifone, a US-based multinational providing technology for electronic payments across the world. She was dismissed on 13 November 2020 purportedly for redundancy as part of a restructuring of Verifone’s business to Poland. The tribunal accepted that the redundancy was a sham and instead she was dismissed so that a colleague in Poland could replace her. The tribunal also found that Ms Zena was victimised by failing to adequately investigate her race discrimination allegation and by making superficial findings.

At the remedy hearing, she was awarded £94,431.88 plus £10k costs so £104,43108 in total. Costs were awarded because the tribunal considered it unreasonable to have defended the unfair dismissal claim on the basis of a sham redundancy.

The liability judgment is on BAILLI here.