Court discharges third Romanian extradition request

District Judge Clews has ruled today that extradition be refused  in relation to a person sought by Romania.  Romania had issued and reissued the extradition warrant three times over a three-year period.

The Judge heard expert evidence in relation to prison conditions and considered evidence about legal procedure in Romania. Ultimately, he ruled that extradition would be disproportionate given the manner in which Romania had repeatedly sought then withdrawn and replaced the extradition requests,  the Requested Peron’s age of 18 years at the time of the offending, the fact that he has already served over three years  imprisonment for the offences and that the sentence imposed by Romania of over 8 years was of itself disproportionate. 

The client was accordingly discharged from the extradition request.

Amelia Nice was instructed by Viviane Bablin, at Taylor Rose SolicitorsMalcolm Hawkes was originally instructed and acted on the case until June 2023.