David Rhodes succeeds in no case to answer in rape trial

David was instructed to defend a serious and sensitive charge of rape involving three teenagers. His client had no previous convictions and was vulnerable.

Following cross-examination of Crown witnesses, David mounted a legal argument that there was no case to answer. The court dismissed the charge. The prosecution immediately indicated they would not seek to appeal the terminatory ruling.  

It is reasonably rare to succeed in a submission of no case to answer in a rape allegation, especially where the complainant has given a video recorded interview. Even rarer for the Crown not to appeal the dismissal of such a case. In this instance evidence which fatally undermined the allegation had been available to the prosecution within 24 hours of the complaint being made. Notwithstanding that, it took 3 years, an intelligent trial strategy, a crisp legal argument and an independent minded judge to bring the prosecution to an end.

David Rhodes was instructed by Mathew Ryan at Evan Moore Solicitors.