Emma Goodall’s client acquitted of two attempted murders at the Old Bailey

Emma Goodall, led by James Scobie QC, successfully defended PT who faced charges of attempted murder arising from two separate shootings where the same firearm was discharged. The first incident, motivated by a gang feud, involved a shootout in a public car park. PT was identified from CCTV footage by a police officer. After targeted disclosure requests and challenge to the identification process no further evidence was offered during the trial. PT was re-tried on the second set of allegations where the prosecution alleged that he was shown on CCTV and police body worn footage indiscriminately shooting into a crowd. During legal argument the defence resisted PT’s previous firearms convictions from going before the jury. The jury found PT not guilty of all charges in less than four hours of deliberations.

Emma Goodall and James Scobie QC were instructed by Phaedon Georgiou of Joseph Hill Solicitors.