Erim Mushtaq successfully defends in money laundering trial

Connor Tither was acquitted of money laundering after a three week trial at the Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square. The allegations dated back to 2016 when Mr. Tither was charged with a number of others with a conspiracy to defraud. A number of the defendants were employees of Barclays Bank in Manchester and were alleged to have been involved in a complex and sophisticated scheme which was described by the prosecution as a “slick operation”, in which the sensitive details of customers and their accounts were revealed to others, allowing their personal details to be changed and access being granted to their accounts. The prosecution accepted there was no evidence of a conspiracy and then pursued allegations of money laundering against Mr. Tither.

In cross-examination, the Barclays fraud investigator accepted that there was a lack of evidence against Mr. Tither and the officer in the case, accepted that she had not acted on the contents of the defence statement and had not carried out any independent investigation other than what she had been presented with by the bank. Mr. Tither was of good character and remains so.

Erim was instructed by Lauren Coulding of Osborn Knight Solicitors.

Media coverage can be found here.