Extradition to Colombia for kidnap and extortion convictions discharged

An extradition request from the Government of Colombia for Mr Vallejo to serve a sentence of 38 years imprisonment for kidnapping and extortion offences was discharged after the Government of Colombia failed to establish a prima facie case to the English court in support of its conviction. Mr Vallejo marshalled a formidable body of evidence to demonstrate his extradition gave rise to a flagrant breach of his Article 5 ECHR rights due to it being premised on a flagrant denial of his Article 6 ECHR trial rights when he was convicted in absence. He also prepared extensive expert evidence to establish that his extradition would violate his Article 2 Convention right to life and that his removal was prohibited by his Article 3 Convention protection against inhuman treatment and that the prosecution was brought in bad faith. The Chief Magistrate of England and Wales agreed the Court could take an exceptional course by ruling that Mr Vallejo could be discharged on prima facie evidence grounds alone. 

The requested person was represented by Ben Cooper KC, Amelia Nice, Leila Abdul Rasool, of Lewis Nedas; and Robert Katz of Hollingsworth Edwards.