Joe Stone QC secures NFA (No Further Action) on rape investigation of senior UK financier who had been RUI (Released Under Investigation)

Joe Stone QC was instructed to advise on whether there was a prima facie case to charge private client with an allegation of rape (R v V). Written submissions were filed which concentrated on systemic evidential case weaknesses, fresh evidence that was obtained by the defence, the application of the CPS test for prosecuting rape cases and a pro active defence. The client had been under RUI (Released Under Investigation). The successful written submissions meant that the lay client (V) was able to continue with his employment without the emotional/personal stress of having to wait many months  for a police/CPS determination given current RUI system delays.

Joe Stone is a specialist in pre charge advice and the flaws of RUI. He was instructed by Seema Parikh of MPR Solicitors.