Jonathan Lennon KC; 2 more Account Freezing Orders discharged

Jonathan Lennon KC was instructed by Frances Murray of Russell-Cooke Solicitors to represent a corporate client who had two business bank accounts frozen by Warwickshire Police at Coventry Magistrates’ Court totalling around £60,000.  The business was a foreign exchange entity involved in the transmission of funds overseas.  A sum that appeared to have been obtained fraudulently was deposited with the business and the police suspicion was that the whole business may have been involved in criminality.  That suggestion was strongly disputed by the company director.  The police missed a Court deadline for service of further evidence in support of either forfeiture or continued detention.  Resistance to an extension application was made.   Further, a number of points of law/procedure and evidential issues had been raised.  The result was that in September 2023 the police decided not to pursue a contested application to serve evidence outside of the settled directions and instead agreed to set aside the AFOs. 

Challenging Account Freezing Orders made under Part 5 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 requires a particular approach and specific expertise. This is the latest AFO case that Jonathan has been instructed where ultimately the AFOs have been discharged.