Jonathan Lennon KC: Victory in Trading Standards Prosecution 

Jonathan Lennon KC, instructed by David Caplin at Cunninghams Solicitors, acted for Mr. X.  A 10 count indictment was levelled against X in a substantial Trading Standards prosecution in the Crown Court.  X was one of the directors of a company accused-of selling counterfeit watches to the public directly from shop premises, as well as through on-line marketing.  Trading Standards had seized 7,900 watches.  The company’s profits had allegedly increased by over £3m per year as a result of the activity.  The defence for X worked hard to present a solid factual defence, as well as setting out a number of legal arguments, principally on the execution of Trading Standards disclosure obligations and the admissibility of evidence from a third party investigation company carrying out covert undercover purchases.  These efforts led to the Crown reviewing the case and offering no evidence against X at a hearing just before Christmas 2023, an early Christmas present for the client and his family.  The prosecution continues against the co-defendants.