Jonathan Lennon secures stay of indictment on conspiracy to supply case

Jonathan Lennon successfully secured the stay of an indictment for his client at Southwark Crown Court on 13th January following an abuse of process application in a case involving a 3 handed major drug supply conspiracy allegations. The Defendant had been arrested, charged, and pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply drugs on one day, receiving a suspended sentence based on his limited Basis of Plea.  He then found himself re-arrested over 2 years later and charged with more serious allegations of conspiracy to supply drugs over some months using surveillance evidence not previously used, but available in the earlier case. The Court held that in the first case the sentencing Judge had been misled about the true state of affairs and maintaining the integrity of the criminal justice system required that the new indictment be stayed against the Defendant.

Jonathan Lennon was instructed by Jade Gambrill of Sperrin Law, who represented the Defendant in both cases.