Laura Stockdale secures quashing of an order for extradition to Romania in the High Court

The Appellant’s extradition to Romania was sought to serve a 10-month custodial sentence for an offence of failing to provide a blood sample in 2015. The Appellant was a fugitive, having left Romania to seek work in France and then the UK during the period of the suspended sentence initially imposed by the Romanian court. 

Ms Stockdale argued before the High Court that the District Judge had failed to give sufficient weight to expert psychiatric evidence concerning the impact of the Appellant’s extradition on his adult son, who suffered from various mental disorders and depended on his father for medication, day-to-day care and housing. She argued that extradition would be a disproportionate interference with the Appellant’s Article 8 rights given the impact on his son, as well as the non-serious nature of the offence, delay by Romania, and the extent to which he had already been punished for the offence. 

Laura Stockdale was instructed by Seema Dosaj of Berris Law