Philippa Eastwood and Laura Stockdale secure Conspiracy to Murder acquittal at the Old Bailey following judge’s ruling of ‘no case to answer’

AA stood trial for Conspiracy to Murder and Possession of a firearm and ammunition with intent to endanger life at the Central Criminal Court.  The Crown alleged that AA, together with others, plotted to kill, acting as a ‘spotter’ during a street party in Acton, identifying the victim before he was chased down by a shooter using a handgun.

Following extensive cross-examination of the Officer in the Case, highlighting failures of the investigation, and deploying ‘unused’ CCTV footage which demonstrated the involvement of the shooter in a fight earlier in the evening, Philippa and Laura argued that there was ‘no case to answer’.  The judge accepted the submissions and ruled that no reasonable jury could exclude AA’s innocent explanation for being in the area shortly before the shooting.  Not Guilty verdicts were entered.

Philippa Eastwood and Laura Stockdale were instructed by Charles Worthington of Lansbury Worthington Solicitors.