Statement on the new immigration and asylum legal aid fixed fee

Other than in exceptional circumstances, each member of the immigration team of the chambers listed below will not accept instructions under the 'Reform Procedure' to prepare an 'Appeal Skeleton Argument', unless specific provision is made for that work to be adequately remunerated.

  • 1 MCB Chambers Immigration Team

  • 4 King’s Bench Walk Immigration Team

  • 10 King’s Bench Walk Immigration Team

  • 36 Public and Human Rights, The 36 Group

  • Broadway House Immigration Team

  • Doughty Street Chambers Immigration Team

  • Garden Court Chambers Immigration Team

  • Garden Court North Chambers Immigration Team

  • Goldsmith Chambers Immigration Team

  • Hirst Chambers

  • Justitia Chambers

  • KBW Chambers Leeds

  • Kenworthy’s Chambers

  • Lamb Building Immigration Practice Group

  • Landmark Chambers Immigration Group

  • Matrix Chambers Immigration Team

  • No. 5 Immigration Group

  • No. 8 Immigration Team

  • One Pump Court Immigration Team

  • Trinity Chambers

Full statement from Doughty Street Chambers to follow.