08th February 2023


54 Doughty Street
020 7404 1313


6pm to 7pm, followed by a drinks reception.

The Environment and Climate Justice and Employment teams at Doughty Street Chambers are delighted to invite you to their seminar on Climate, Whistleblowing and Work.

As recorded by the UNDP’s 2021 “People’s Climate Vote” polling, almost two thirds of over 1.2 million people surveyed worldwide say that climate change is a global emergency, urging greater action to address the crisis. As younger generations enter the workforce, climate consciousness amongst employees is on the rise. Climate litigation against corporates is increasing vertiginously, particularly in the context of greenwashing or climate washing, and employees are paying ever greater attention to their employers’ responses to the climate and ecological crisis. We will be joined by distinguished panellists – high-profile whistle-blowers from the financial sector, trade union activists and employment law specialists – to explore the growing role of climate litigation in the context of work and employment relations. This event will be of interest to employees seeking avenues to engage more proactively on climate while at work, to trade unions who are looking to increase their involvement on climate and to employers who wish to take genuine and robust measures to support their employees and green their businesses.


Desiree Fixler, Chair of VentureESG

Declan Owens, CEO, Ecojustice Legal Action Centre and Ecojustice Ireland

Sybille Raphael, Legal Director of Protect

Paul Dowling, Leigh Day, Partner in the International Department specialising in International Corruption and Whistleblowing


Finnian Clarke, Doughty Street Chambers

Margherita Cornaglia, Doughty Street Chambers

The recording of the seminar is available below