31st October 2023

UN International Residual Mechanism for the International Tribunals, Press Room

UN International Residual Mechanism for the International Tribunals, Press Room
Churchilplein 1, The Hague


Tuesday 31st October 2023 | 17:30 - 19:00 | In Person

Reception to follow

About the event:

International courts and tribunals are heavily reliant on the cooperation of States for many of their core functions. This is most often discussed in the context of cooperation of States in whose territories crimes are thought to have occurred. The cooperation of these States, where witnesses and other evidence may be concentrated, and where suspects often live, plays an important role in evidence gathering, and in the arrest and surrender of suspects. However, the cooperation of other States – including those with no proximity or political link to the crimes under investigation – is also essential for many aspects of an international criminal court ‘s mandate. The courts rely on these States in many ways: for assistance to acquitted persons, provisional release of suspects and accused, legal aid, contributions to the ICC Trust Fund for Victims, the ICC Trust Fund for Family Visits, and facilitating Defence investigations. Where State cooperation is lacking or selective, the core functions of the international criminal courts and tribunals are then put at risk.

You are invited to join a discussion in The Hague between the UN-IRMCT Registrar, Doughty Street practitioners and the Presidents of the ICCBA and ADC-ICT, on the impact of selective State cooperation on the work of the international criminal courts, the fairness of their trials, and the rights of victims and witnesses.


Jelia Sané, Barrister at Doughty Street Chambers


His Excellency, Mr. Abubacarr M. Tambadou, UN-IRMCT Registrar

Marie-Hélène Proulx, President of the ICCBA, Counsel before the ICC

Fergal Gaynor, Doughty Street International, Judge of the KSC, Reserve International Co-Prosecutor of the ECCC 

Kate Gibson, Doughty Street International, President of the ADC-ICT, Counsel before the ICC 

Anand Shah, Chair of the Victims’ Committee, ICCBA, Counsel before the ICC 

The event is at full capacity and we are not taking any more registrations. However, we have opened a waiting list, if you would like to register your place please email: events@doughtystreet.co.uk