16th June 2023

Online Seminar via Zoom

Online Seminar via Zoom

Tackling Trafficking Disqualification Webinar

Friday 16th June 2023 | 12.45-2pm BST | Online via Zoom

Doughty Street Chambers' Anti-Trafficking Team invite you to join their webinar on Tackling Trafficking Disqualification.

Potential victims of trafficking risk disqualification from protection on grounds of public order or bad faith, following significant changes wrought by s.63 Nationality and Borders Act 2022; and the amended Modern Slavery Statutory Guidance for England and Wales and non-statutory guidance for Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Understanding the criteria for disqualification, the consequences of disqualification and potential challenges will be vital for those working with victims of trafficking. 

The seminar will cover: 

1. Legislation and policy governing disqualification determinations by the Competent Authority.

2. Consequences of a determination that a victim meets the bad faith/ public order criteria, in particular the cessation of:

  • the prohibition of removal;
  • NRM support, including access to the recovery and reflection period and assistance and support measures, e.g., subsistence, accommodation;
  • the requirement to complete victim identification and make a Conclusive Grounds decision;
  • the requirement to consider leave/revocation of existing leave;
  • Notification of NRM suspension to law enforcement including police and/or CPS, and local authority and further impact on protection and support.

3. What to do for victims served with disqualification determinations:  practice, procedure, and practical tips.

4. Strategic challenges arising out of the disqualification regime and the dismantling of the NRM.

Who the seminar is for: Claimant lawyers and practitioners; NGOs working on behalf of victims of trafficking; and academics and researchers in the field of anti-trafficking.


Laura Dubinsky KC, Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers

Catherine Meredith, Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers

Marcela Navarrete, Partner, Wilson Solicitors LLP

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