Acquitted of conspiracies to supply class A drugs and convert criminal property

A and her boyfriend, together with 3 others, were said to be party to a substantial conspiracy to supply class A drugs. They and another were also said to have been party to a conspiracy to launder the proceeds. The case was arose from a substantial police surveillance operation.


A and her boyfriend were said, by the Crown, to be ‘in the thick of it’. As well as both being present during a meeting with another co-conspirator, A’s house was used for a previous drugs transaction.


On the day of A’s arrest, they had been at the house of another co-defendant, when 1kg of cocaine, at a high level of purity was delivered. The block was broken up at the address. A and her boyfriend left with 2/3 of it. They left by taxi. Just under ½ kg of the cocaine was placed, by A, into her jacket pocket.  Another approximately 240g was recovered from a bag in the taxi next to her, when the police intercepted the taxi.


The jury acquitted A, following trial. They accepted that she was not a party to the conspiracies. The defence were able to demonstrate, via cell-site evidence, that A was at work when the earlier drugs transaction took place.


Amos Waldman was instructed by Matthew Agar at MMA Solicitors, Middlesbrough.