Amos Waldman's client acquitted of conspiracy to supply 4 kg of import grade Colombian cocaine

Following a 6 day trial, at Liverpool Crown Court Amos Waldman's client was acquitted of all charges for their alleged part in a large-scale drugs operation. 


His co-defendant, who was convicted and received a 12 year prison sentence, were alleged to have conspired with another man, who had earlier pleaded guilty.


Amos' client conveyed the drugs to his co-conspirator. He said that they had been left, in a number of plastic bags, in his garage. His case was that he was not aware that the bags contained drugs. He was under surveillance when he met his co-accused in a residential area and passed the drugs to him.


The prosecution case at trial was that, following his co-accused's arrest in possession of the drugs, cell site evidence suggested that Amos' client and his co-defendant cleared out his house, which was said to be the ‘safe house’. They further contended that he had also attended the address, following his arrest.


The evidence against Amos' client, also consisted of: fingerprint evidence. His fingerprints were recovered from the inner bags in which the drugs were found; telephone traffic with the other the alleged conspirators; and when he was arrested a canvas bag was recovered from a bedroom within his house which contained drugs packaging similar to that in which the seized drugs had been recovered. The packaging contained traces of cocaine.


Amos Waldman was instructed by Mark Smith and David Malone, of DJMS Solicitors.