Bristol prisoner died following failures in medical care

At the time of his death, Simon Penny was an inmate at HMP Bristol. Simon died as a result of bleeding from a duodenal ulcer. An inquest into his death last week found failings in medical care, including:

  1. Two days prior to his death, Simon had told a nurse that he had an ulcer that was about to burst. The nurse admitted that she should have escalated this to a GP, but she did not.

  2. On the afternoon of his death, Simon was found by prison officers to have vomited blood. This should have led to a referral to hospital, but did not.

  3. On the evening of his death, Simon was seen by a prison officer to be struggling to breathe in his cell. The officer admitted that according to the local PSI this should have led to a Code Blue call, but it did not.

Simon’s family were represented by Christopher Johnson  instructed by Alexandra Eldon and Jessica Tyson of Hudgell Solicitors.

Media coverage: Bristol Post