Charges dropped against Irish man in Iraq - family call on Iraqi authorities to ensure his safe passage home without delay

Irish citizen Yasser Eljuboori, a renowned anti-corruption activist, has appeared in court this morning in Baghdad. He has been informed that the charges against him are to be dropped and he has been released on bail. However, the Iraqi authorities have retained his passport and he has been informed that there are “two to three days of paperwork” to complete before he will be allowed to leave the country and return home to his family in Dublin.

Speaking this morning from her home in Balgriffin, Dublin, Mr Eljuboori’s wife Laura Wickham said: 

“This is a step in the right direction but there is a long road still ahead to bring Yasser home to us in Dublin. It is wonderful news that the charges have been dropped, but I will not stop campaigning until Yasser is safely home in Dublin airport. 

I call on the Iraqi authorities to return Yasser’s passport urgently, end this ordeal and allow him to return home. 

I thank the Tánaiste and the Department of Foreign Affairs for the support which has brought us to this point. But now I call upon them to keep the pressure up and make clear to the Iraqi authorities that this case is not over until Yasser is safely home in Ireland.”

Caoilfhionn Gallagher KC, counsel for Ms Wickham, added:

“We welcome the news that Yasser Eljuboori has finally been released from custody, after an agonising four days of unjust and arbitrary detention, and mistreatment. He should never have been arrested, detained or charged in the first place, and his family should never have been put through this ordeal. 

We call on the Iraqi authorities to ensure he is now able to leave the country safely and speedily and return to his home in Dublin. We have asked the Irish Government and the Department of Foreign Affairs, the European Union External Action Service and the United Nations Special Procedures to seek urgent assurances from the Iraqi authorities that Yasser will face no further impediments and will finally be allowed safe passage from Baghdad. Regrettably we know from other cases that this is a danger point for Yasser, as there are continuing risks to him whilst he remains in Iraq. It is imperative that the Iraqi authorities know the world will continue to watch their actions until Yasser lands safely in Dublin airport.”

Caoilfhionn Gallagher KC acts with Tatyana Eatwell as international counsel to the family.

Further background is available in the family’s earlier statements, here (Tuesday 27th February 2024) and here (Wednesday 28th February 2024).

This release is attached as a PDF, here.

Notes to Editors: 

  1. More information about the campaign to secure Mr Eljuboori’s freedom and return to Ireland can be found on social media using the hashtag #FreeYasser2024 and the accounts @freeyasser2024. 

  2. Both Laura Wickham and Caoilfhionn Gallagher KC are available for interview. Any press queries for the family should be directed to; and any queries for the international legal team should be directed to

Yasser Eljuboori and Laura Wickham. Photograph courtesy of Laura Wickham.
Yasser Eljuboori and Laura Wickham. Photograph courtesy of Laura Wickham.