Child’s interests lead to rejection of Hungarian extradition request for £85,0000 fraud

On 21 November 2019, DJ Inyundo discharged JK from a European arrest warrant seeking his return for a fraud worth £85,000.

In refusing the extradition request, the Judge found that JK was the primary carer for his 11 year old son who has a diagnosis of Autism and requires one to one care and attention. The Judge concluded that the extradition of JK would “seriously adversely impact” JK’s son. Further, the Judge rejected Hungary’s submission that JK was a fugitive from justice, especially as he had lived openly in the UK since the alleged offending.

JK was represented by Graeme Hall, who was instructed by Giovanna Fiorentino and Agnieszka Biel of Lansbury Worthington Solicitors.