Community Order imposed for terrorism offences

On 28.1.20, HHJ Field QC imposed a two year community order on Luke Crompton who had earlier pleaded guilty to two counts of encouraging terrorism. Mr Crompton pleaded guilty to the offences on a reckless basis and this was accepted by the CPS. 

The judge imposed a sentence outside of the sentencing guidelines as this was a wholly exceptional case. Mr Crompton suffered from various mental health and behavioural issues. Five medical, psychological and terrorism experts were instructed to provide reports on Mr Crompton’s ability to function. 

Mr Crompton admitted posting and sharing offensive material online over several months but it was accepted that he was vulnerable, had been exploited and had not created the material himself. 

The police via the prosecution informed the judge that Mr Crompton was not the normal type of offender encountered by the Counter Terrorism Unit. The judge acceded to the defence submissions that the sentencing guidelines did not apply in this case. 

Mr Crompton was represented by David Bentley QC and Erim Mushtaq, who are criminal defence specialists with extensive expertise in terrorism cases.

The case has resulted in media coverage on the BBC and in Wigan Today.