Court rejects Police attempt to strike out claim brought by abandoned son of police spy

Heather Williams QC and Fiona Murphy instructed by Jules Carey of Bindmans LLP have successfully defended a strike out application brought by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in a bid to prevent the son of undercover officer, Bob Lambert, from bringing his claim for misfeasance in public office and negligence.

In a judgment handed down on 4 December 2017 Mr Justice Nicol commented that the Commissioner’s application missed the point as it was the “whole deceptive course of conduct from Lambert’s sexual liaison [with the claimant’s mother] through the Claimant’s birth, his father’s contact with him in the early years and then abandonment, all of which were based on a fiction” that was material to the claim in negligence and that in relation to the claim in misfeasance, on a strike out application, the Court had to accept as true the Claimant’s assertion that his psychiatric injury was a reasonably foreseeable consequence of the alleged unlawful actions of Bob Lambert.

Further details are reported here.