DSC, along with 19 other chambers, respond to legal aid changes in the first-tier tribunal

Doughty Street Chambers’ immigration team has issued the following statement in response to the legal aid changes in the ‘Reform Procedure’ for hearings in the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber), This statement is made jointly with immigration teams in 19 other barristers’ chambers:

Other than in exceptional circumstances, members of Doughty Street Chambers’ immigration team will not accept instructions under the ‘Reform Procedure' to prepare an 'Appeal Skeleton Argument', unless specific provision is made for that work to be adequately remunerated.

The joint statement including the names of all chambers that have adopted this approach has been published on the ILPA and EIN websites and can be viewed here and here.

For further detail on the reasons and background to the statement, you can view ILPA’s own statement on the new fixed fee here, the Bar Council’s statement here and the Law Society’s statement here.