Indian extradition request for murder refused

On 22 September 2021, District Judge Snow discharged Gursharan Singh, Amrit Singh and Piara Singh Gill from an extradition request issued by India.

India alleged that the three British nationals were involved in a conspiracy to murder Rulda Singh, a politician, who was shot outside his home on 29 July 2009 and died two weeks later.

District Judge Snow, referring to the “long running saga” suffered by the requested persons, accepted the submission that there was no evidence sufficient to make out a case to answer against any of them, and accordingly discharged them from the extradition request.

Edward Fitzgerald QC represented Amrit Singh, instructed by SKR Legal Solicitors.

Graeme Hall represented Gursharan Singh, instructed by Gareth Peirce of Birnberg Peirce Solicitors.

The decision has been reported widely, including by the BBC and the Times of India.