Jelia Sane to deliver training to aid workers in Lebanon on international humanitarian law

Jelia Sane has been invited by the Global International Humanitarian Law Centre of Diakonia  (‘the Centre’) to participate in the Regional Training in International Humanitarian Law (IHL) for Humanitarian Aid Workers. The Centre works for the promotion of the respect of IHL norms by State and non-state actors, through capacity-building and advocacy activities.

The five-day training will take place in Beirut, Lebanon, from 15-19th July 2019. It  is for humanitarian personnel providing protection and humanitarian assistance to civilians affected by armed conflict in the Middle East and North Africa. The training  will cover a broad range of IHL-related topics relevant to the work of humanitarian aid workers, including the classification of armed conflicts, detention in non-international armed conflicts, and sexual and gender-based violence in war. 

Jelia will deliver a training session on ‘Reporting and documenting violations of IHL: data verification and analysis’. Other trainers will include IHL experts from the International Committee of the Red Cross, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the International Criminal Court, amongst others.

You can read more about the work of the Centre here.

Jelia is a member of the International Law, Immigration and Public Inquiry teams. She is currently based in Greece where she is working as a legal consultant for Safe Passage International, an NGO assisting unaccompanied child refugees in Europe to access safe and legal routes to asylum and family reunion. She maintains her UK practice from a distance and continues to accept instructions. You can read more about Jelia’s practice here.