Malicious prosecution aggravated by homophobia: claim against police settles for over £100,000

A prominent and successful businessman who claimed substantial damages for malicious prosecution, misfeasance in public office, breach of the Equality Act 2010 and breach of the Data Protection Act accepted an out-of-Court settlement from the defendant police force only a few weeks before his trial was to begin, and after several years of robust litigation.

The Claimant's evidence included a recording of homophobic sarcasm on the part of the officer in the case.

Nick Stanage successfully represented the Claimant on direct access after a national firm of solicitors and two KC's had (on their assessment of the merits) abruptly ceased to act in the case and declined to represent him at trial.

The Claimant stated 'Specialist legal representation here has made all the difference. I hope no other member of the public has to endure what the police put me through during the baseless investigation, the malicious prosecution and the subsequent litigation'.