Maryam Mir successfully defends in large-scale courier fraud

Maryam Mir’s client was accused of involvement in a large-scale courier fraud in the King’s Cross area. The case featured DNA evidence of Maryam’s client on two mobile phones from which the fraudulent calls were said to have been made. Maryam called expert evidence about DNA transfer to offer alternative explanations for how the defendant’s DNA came to be present. A further feature of the prosecution case was cell site evidence pinning the defendant to the location of the fraud hub. Maryam presented expert cell site material to the jury setting out the limitations of cell site evidence. 

This was a cut-throat trial in which the first defendant blamed Maryam’s client entirely for the fraud. Following a 5-week trial at Inner London Crown Court, Maryam’s client was acquitted by the jury.

Maryam was instructed by Robert Wong from JD SpicerLynn Hingley provided expert evidence regarding DNA. Nick Brown provided expert evidence regarding cell site.