Misogyny, corruption and racism in Gwent Police

The Sunday Times on 13 November 2022 published a detailed exposé of misogyny, corruption and racism among some officers in Gwent Police.

The fact and extent of such gross misconduct was revealed when a former Gwent Police officer's iPhone was returned to his family after his suicide.

Thousands of WhatsApp and Facebook messages showed Gwent police officers openly discussing the sexual harassment of junior female colleagues; racist, homophobic and misogynistic abuse; the leaking of sensitive police material; and corruption.

Interrogation of the iPhone also revealed that the deceased had abused his position as a police officer so as to intensify his campaign of coercive control of his wife and children.

Nick Stanage is instructed by Craig Court of Harding Evans solicitors, to advise and represent the family in claims against the Force, including claims for breach of the Data Protection Act 2018. 

In light of its investigation, The Sunday Times suggested that ‘rotten culture in the police is a nationwide problem'.

The family's Crowdfunder is here.