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A passionate and committed advocate, Garry Green fearlessly defends his clients’ right to a fair trial.

Distinguished and highly sought-after Garry has a stellar criminal defence practice, complemented by public and international law. From homicide to human trafficking, terrorism to fraud, Garry’s trial history is a “Who’s Who” of organised crime. He appeared in Securitas, at £53 million pounds, the UK’s largest cash robbery; the Victoria Underground trial, where an unprecedented 20 defendants were indicted with murder; Daniel Dighton accused of the murder of his parents; Chelsea Cloisters, a human trafficking ring run from a property owned by a millionaire Tory donor. Garry has defended in countless gang homicides including Joshua Ratner, an alleged organised hit in Pentonville Prison.

Garry is an advocate’s advocate. He is devasting in cross-examination, measured in judgment, and fearless in the face of confrontation. His speeches are thought provoking, passionate yet elegant. Garry’s advocacy has achieved international recognition. He works as an accredited advocacy trainer for SERI the highly regarded Socio-Economic Rights Institute of South Africa.

Clients adore Garry’s character. He is committed, grounded, personable and relaxed. He abhors pomp and never loses sight of the significance of his work to client’s, their families, and communities. He is a diamond in the rough, a rare breed.  He has profound sense of social justice evident from his commitments including: member of JUSTICES’ working party on tackling disparity in Youth Justice; contributor to Howard Leagues’ guide for anti-racist lawyers; he is a trustee of the Kalisher Trust, Youth Justice League and Urban Synergy. He is extremely proud of his long track record mentoring and advocating for young people.

What the directories say

"An outstanding barrister who consistently deals with the most serious and complex criminal cases." - Chambers and Partners 2023

"Garry is exceptional. His dedication to his professional and lay client alike is outstanding. He takes every point and will fight all the way." - Legal 500 2023

"One of the hardest-working lawyers, with incredible style both inside and outside court. He is dedicated and proficient." - Chambers and Partners 2022

"Garry is a talented and skilful cross-examiner who effortlessly adapts his questioning style according to the witness. When the case involves questioning of police officers, there is no better barrister for a defendant to have in his corner. Lay and professional clients love him. He has a tremendously successful criminal defence practice and is always at the Old Bailey conducting serious criminal cases." - Legal 500 2022


Notable Cases

R v Joshua Ratner 2017 - Successful defence of a defendant charged in the “Pentonville murder” trial in which an inmate had been killed on a wing  as a result of a drug feud.

R v Remee Jarret 2017 - Advised extensively on behalf of the defendant, charged with murder, who suffered a range of complex mental health conditions which initially resulted in his being found unfit to plead.

R v Farid Reza 2017 - Privately instructed in high profile death by dangerous trial in which the defendant tragically collided with a university student as she crossed a junction headed for the library.

R v Khuram Zaman 2016 - Leading counsel in extensive conspiracy to steal luxury cars. Half time submissions as to whether the complex evidential matrix proved one or more conspiracy resulted in an amended indictment substantially reducing the case against the defendant.

R v Rennae Henriques, (Central Criminal Court) 2016 - Led junior, successful submission of no case against murder and s18 counts.

R v Shard Shariff, (Central Criminal Court) 2015 - Junior alone, 5 handed attempted murder in which victim stabbed 18 times.

R v Joel Johnson, (Central Criminal Court) 2015 - Junior alone, Attempted murder by shooting into a small business premises.

R v Desra Reilly, (Central Criminal Court) 2015 - Junior alone, Operation Elveden (phone hacking), appeared for prison officer's wife charged with assisting husband to sell Belmarsh stories to Sun & Mirror for period of 10 years.

R v Rhys Johnson (Central Criminal Court) 2015 - Junior alone, Conspiracy to murder defendants said to be “caught red handed” with firearm loaded, cocked and ready to be discharged.  Acquitted on all charges.

R v Jordan Williams & others (Central Criminal Court) - Led junior in multi-handed murder  Williams indicted  also for GBH and possession firearms.Acquitted on all counts. Press coverage in the BBC.

R v Daniel Dighton (Central Criminal Court) - Led junior secured manslaughter conviction for Dighton who was indicted on 2 counts allegeding murder of his parents. Press coverage in The Guardian.

R v Brandon Jolie (Central Criminal Court) - Junior alone; infamous conspiracy to murder in which “rappers” plotted to throw pregnant girl in a canal. Press coveragin in the BBC.

Securitas Robbery - Successful representation of client in the £53 million robbery of Securitas Depot in Tonbridge, Kent.The largest cash robbery ever committed in the UK’s history.

R v Omar & Omar - Led junior in “baby shaking” case involving a married couple.  Successfully resisted an allegation of GBH owing to complex medical and legal arguments about causation.

Criminal Appeals

Attorney Generals Reference (Sachmo Quain) - Resisted full sentence increase sought by the Crown following firearm convictions

R v Daniel Dighton - Successful appeal reducing sentence for manslaughter for client convicted of killing parents

R v Gledhill [2007] EWCA Crim 1183 - Successful appeal against conviction based on judges’ refusal to direct the jury against drawing an adverse inference under s35 CJPOA against a woman who was suffering from  “Battered Woman’s Syndrome” , was jointly tried with her abusive partner and against whom she was afraid to testify at trial.

R v Falconer [2005] EWCA Crim 778 - Successful appeal against conviction based upon the rarely successful ground of judicial bias and interruption.